What is Companion?

Companion is a personal safety app that helps turn your friends and family into your own private security team. Wherever you’re headed, start a trip and get there safely with Companion.

How does it work?

Starting a trip is easy. Simply hit ‘New Trip’ on the home screen, and then select contacts to be your Companions. Whether your contacts have downloaded the app or not, this team of trusted look-outs will be able to view a live map of your progress, chat with you on-the-go, and get live updates on your safety status.

By default, your trip duration will be 1 hour. Along the way, you can edit this trip time, or instead, you can set a specific destination that you’re heading to. If things get sketchy during your journey, you can quickly contact your Companions or the proper authorities before anything happens. Additionally, as you travel, there are a number of customizable Safety Triggers that will alert your Companions if something goes wrong.

When a trip runs out of time, or if you successfully reach your preset destination, your trip will automatically end and your Companions will be notified that you’re safe.

What are these so-called ‘Safety Triggers’, anyway?

We built Safety Triggers to serve as an optional added layer of protection during your trips. Here are the different types of triggers that could help detect an emergency during your trip:

  1. Device Drop: This trigger will fire during a trip when your phone is dropped
  2. Running Detection: This trigger will fire during a trip when you begin to run
  3. Headphone Removal: This trigger will fire during a trip when your headphones are pulled out of your headphone jack
  4. Out of Region: This trigger will fire during a trip when you stray far off course (only works in trips where a destination is set)

If a Safety Trigger goes off during a trip, you will have 15 seconds to tap ‘I’m Okay’, and your normal trip will resume. If you don’t tap ‘I’m Okay’ within 15 seconds, your app will enter Alert Mode. In Alert Mode, your phone will emit a loud noise in order to deter any potentially danger nearby. Additionally, your Companions will be notified of the triggered event and will be encouraged to check in on you. While in Alert Mode, you still have the option to tap ‘I’m Okay’, and at that point your normal trip will continue.

Since all of these Safety Triggers are off by default and optional, we encourage you to experiment and decide which work best for you and your trips.

What if I don’t want my trip to automatically end? SafeCheck is the answer.

Sometimes you may be traveling to a sporting event, or even an apartment complex, but won’t feel truly safe until you get inside to precisely where you’re headed. In these scenarios, it doesn’t make sense for your trip to automatically end when you approach your destination’s address, as you might need to park your car or head up a few flights of stairs to your apartment unit.

That’s why we built SafeCheck, a feature that disables automatic trip end. This gives you full control over completing your trip, and notifying your Companions that you’ve safely arrived at your destination.

To enable SafeCheck, head to settings and toggle it to on.

Will Companion call the police?

Companion will never alert the authorities or police without your express consent. Triggers and Alert Mode will solely notify your Companions, and never the police.

However, at any point during your trip, you have the ability to quickly contact the proper emergency services via the trip screen by hitting the call police button.

Can I edit my Profile?

Of course! To edit your personal information such as your name, gender, email, or photo, just head to your Profile in the menu. You also have the option to include any relevant Health Information.

How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing, Companion is free on the App Store.

Anything else?

We’d like to say thank you to you, our users. Our platform would not exist without your dedicated usage, feedback, and collaboration. No matter what your purpose for using Companion may be, our entire community shares one fundamental value: We have people in our lives that we care about, and equally, we have people in our lives who deeply care for us. With this foundation in mind, we know that we can all build something great and meaningful together.

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or feedback, please email us at hello@companionapp.io, or text us anytime at (248) 382-8158.